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Kanchenjunga painting - Adventure 52 magazine

Painting of Kanchenjunga estimated to sell for £800,000 to £1,200,000

A PAINTING of the Himalayan mountain, Kanchenjunga (1935-1936) by Nikolai Roerich is being auctioned in The Russian Sale at Bonhams on 27th November. What’s more, the painting is estimated to sell for £800,000 to £1,200,000 at auction and is signed to the lower right with […]

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Glenfiddich whisky tasting - Adventure 52 magazine

Glenfiddich whisky tasting at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival

From Friday 15 to Sunday 17 November

the epic of everest - adventure 52 magazine

The Epic of Everest film – restored footage from Mallory’s climb

TONIGHT I’m going to a press showing of The Epic of Everest film. The film is made from old footage from the 1924 expedition to climb Everest (when George Mallory and Andrew Irvine lost their lives) and was originally shot by […]

If It’s Good Enough For Ray Mears…

ANYONE been bitten this week? You know the kind of bite we’re talking about. The one that has reaching for it in frustration shortly followed by the relief of giving the damn thing a good scratching. Which is why this […]

Relentless: Latest Videos Explore The Concept

NEVER, ever give up. This is a mantra commonly used, particularly by adventurers and explorers, but more often by every one of us. Often through our efforts to achieve, circumstances can change so much that we may not ever reach […]

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition

Open at the Montreal Science Centre

Hot Wheels V-Drop Track Set Brought To Life

THE Indy 500 celebrates its Centennial in a month’s time on the 29th May 2011. And what better way to draw the crowds than to watch a car speed down a 90 foot ramp connected to a re-creation of a bedroom […]

The Tent With No Poles Has Inflatable ‘AirBeams’ Instead

WHENEVER I’ve been in a walking group on a camping trip and we’ve shared out the different parts of the tent to carry I’ve always fought for the poles. My reasoning? Well, compared to the flysheet or the inner tent, […]

Walk A Masterpiece Art Trail

IN Provence British artist Andy Goldsworthy has created an art trail over ninety miles long. Walking enthusiasts will find the mesmerizing works of art a treat as they walk on by. There are currently five ‘art refuges’ along the trail, […]

Hayfever Season Expected To Be Worse Than Usual

THIS year’s hayfever season is expected to be worse than usual because the harsh winter has delayed the release of pollen. The three pollen seasons are now expected to merge into one onslaught. Sufferers usually have to time their medication in […]

‘Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited And Never Will’

IT’S the sub-title of this book which really grabs the attention, ‘Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited And Never Will’. We all fascinate over places which we think we’ll never get see and this round up of islands which have […]

The Same Boost, Just No Sugar

ANYONE who has glugged down a huge can of Relentless will be familiar with the boost it gives. Some of this comes from the 52 grams of sugar in a 500ml can (from real fruit juice). But now here comes a […]

How to make a mobile phone movie look better

Tips from the creative software publishing company, Serif

The Popcorn With Adventurous Flavours

MORE than 5000 years ago our ancestors used to heat up corn kernels over fires and sizzling hot stones to enjoy the snack we now all know and love as ‘popcorn’. Popping Corn (or Maize) is able to pop because, […]

Breitling’s aeronautical Pop Art

Go see it in Breitling’s boutique store in New York

Bruce Parry’s ‘Arctic’ airs tonight

Bruce Parry usually pursues adventures in the tropics but this year he has ventured to the cold of the Artic for a new five-part documentary which airs tonight on BBC2 at 9pm. Just as in Tribe and Amazon, Bruce seeks […]

Lara’s new look

She’s the ultimate female adventurer and the next game in the franchise will be based on the origins of Lara Croft. Featuring a young and inexperienced woman, the recently released artwork above shows Lara has a completely new look…and it’s […]

The Shortest Day

Today marks the Winter Solstice or the day at which good old planet Earth is tilted the farthest away from the Sun. It means that we’re well and truly at the start of winter, but all hope is not lost […]

The Isles of White

This satellite image really shows the extent of the cold weather over the British Isles.

Range Rover + Helicopter = Fun

Land Rover’s latest ad campaign will excite the helicopter pilots among us.

Kendal Mountain Festival starts tomorrow

Take in some of the best mountain culture

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