How’s About That Then Guys & Gals?

How’s About That Then Guys & Gals?

JIMMY Savile isn’t the kind of person we’d normally associate with the outdoors…but then that’s the whole point of this latest video; to show that the Outdoor Capital has something for everyone.

Sporting a tartan tracksuit, Jimmy is still as odd and interesting as he’s ever been and in this video he reminisces how he first visited Scotland during WWII on a bike and his views on all the great adventure activites we can take part in, including skiing.

“Skiing. Now there’s a sport for you,” he says. “Much beloved by the fashionista.” Couldn’t have said it better Sir Jimmy.

What some of you might not know is that Jimmy used to love running up Ben Nevis and has done so 37 times. Savile is also well known for running marathons and completed the London Marathon in 2005.

Some of Scotland’s top outdoor atheletes took part in the film, dressing up as Sir Jimmy. They include Danny MacAskill, Mike Pescod, David ‘Spook’ Munro, skier Joe Barnes and canoeist Callum Anderson, who if you watch closely, manages to keep the fake cigar in his mouth as he drops down a huge waterfall.

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