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Which high street coffee shop rewards if you #BringYourOwn mug?

Get coffee in your own Klean Kanteen instead of having a paper cup

0517-kleankanteenlifestyle-1892We’re a fan of Klean Kanteen products here at Adventure 52 – they look good, are easy to clean and get more character the more you use them.

And now the brand is encouraging more of us to take our own mug when we buy coffee on the High Street.

They have even researched which high-street coffee shops reward for bringing your own mug to fill up and it turns out that its only Starbucks at the moment that offers a 25p discount.

Garry Woodhouse, Sales & Marketing Director at Whitby & Co (the distributor of Klean Kanteen) said: “The problem is that ‘paper’ cups are not simply made of paper but include a layer of polyethylene. This means they cannot be recycled with paper or cardboard.”

Here’s the results of the research in the table below.


Can you #BringYourOwn cup?


Starbucks Yes 25p off the price of your beverage
Costa Coffee Yes 25p donation to Keep Britain Tidy
Caffé Nero Yes No discount at present – but being discussed internally
Pret a Manger Yes No formal discount but we do run spontaneous offers across shops
Eat No, not at the moment, however the Brand Team is actively working on this N/A
Greggs Yes No discount
Wild Bean Yes No discount
McDonalds Store manager’s discretion No discount

If you’re in the market for a new re-usable mug then check out the newly released leak-proof Café Cap 2.0 that fits on to the top of any Insulated Wide mug.



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