About us

ADVENTURE 52 is a unique online magazine dedicated to adventure lifestyle.

The ‘fifty two’ in the name refers to the 52 weeks of the year and that we must make the most of every one of them.

Adventure 52 was founded by Dan Tye in November 2010 to create a magazine that brings together all aspects of adventure together in one place.

We hope that sharing our own and other people’s adventures will show just how beautiful and strong the human spirit can be, even in times of adversity.

Dan, 40, is a former RAF pilot, postman, ski instructor, lifeguard and magazine editor. He is a motorcyclist (with scars to prove it), has a commercial pilot licence and contributes to other mainstream fitness and outdoor magazines.

Over the past nine years Adventure 52 has grown organically to serve thousands of visitors from around the world all enjoying the interesting mix of subjects the site covers.

Our categories include ADVENTURE FASHION where you’ll find the latest Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections.

NEW KIT is where we post about new clothing and innovations as we hear about them and we then go on to look at them in more details in REVIEWS.

We also look at adventurous places where you can stay, listing the best we find under RUSTIC RETREAT.

Finally, under the INTERVIEWS category we ask adventurers five questions to find out more about their motivation and outlook on life.

Dan says: “When I started Adventure 52, I wanted a website that brought together all aspects of adventure in one place. I actually set it up so that I’d start doing more adventurous things during the weekends. I became more aware of just how quickly each of the 52 weeks go by. You soon start to feel like you will never get round to living the life you imagine. I don’t expect everyone who visits the site to become a full-time adventurer, but we can all at least do one small thing each day to live more adventurously.”

“The unique aspect of Adventure 52 is that it brings together a number of adventure sports which have common themes. So you’ll see that we’ve pitched the categories of Adventure 52 to cater for this and there’s a strong lifestyle theme to everything we write about.”

“We all have 52 weeks in a year, but it’s how we use them that counts. I hope this online magazine along with a weekly email, gives you the direction you need to get more out of life.”

“Please bookmark us or subscribe and check in each day for a new post.”

Dan Tye