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ADVENTURE 52 is one of the world’s best websites to read about adventure and the people who seek it. 

We’re a unique online magazine bringing together all kinds of adventurous activities into one place.

Based in the UK, the site attracts readers from all around the world who have a passion for adventure.

We’re not an extreme sports website, instead we extol the virtues of living a more adventurous and wholesome life. If that’s your brand’s aim too, then we’d like you to join us as we try and improve the online coverage of adventure.

You can read about how we started out here.

While there are other websites and blogs covering individual outdoor activities, we work hard to make the content on here fresh and unique.

We want to work with brands who share our outlook on adventure, but more than that we want to build long-term relationships with them so that we can craft content that cannot be seen or read about on other sites or magazines.

If you are looking to reach a new audience of adventurers and like the sound of what we do, then we’d love to hear from you.

About our readers

Unique: We reach a unique audience of adventure lovers

Loyal: The average user has been reading Adventure 52 for two years

Good disposable income: Our readers spend €1,400 on travelling and €1,000 on kit on average each year

Demographic: Men and women aged 20 to 45 who take part in adventure activities at least five times a month

Stats wise, in December 2017 we delivered over 45,000 page views to 33,000 users

We offer the following:

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A 300 x 600 MPU – currently held by Baume & Mercier watches for their ‘Life is About Moments’ campaign.

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To place a sponsored post/advertorial our rate is £300 per 500 words.

To place a competition we charge £50.

If you’d like a solution that you don’t see here — such as long-term site presence, your logo sitting against a category, a paid-for post or a competition — then we can talk via email.

Here’s what some adventure-lovers say about us and our work:

“Just actually had to re-read this – a really lovely overview of Glenfiddich and the link to exploration, so a bigger thank you 🙂  If only I could get you to write all the articles I need for all my clients!” – Emily Conrad-Pickles, Captive Minds Communications

“You are an excellent writer! Love the article.” – Squash Falconer

“I will just say that your mag theme/subject is absolutely great. Just focused enough to have credibility for those into the relevant sports/lifestyle but also general enough so that it doesn’t become irrelevant to potential readers who might feel ‘unqualified’ to read it.” –Motoventurers

“A brilliant piece of journalism, thank you, it fitted in well into your magazine.” – Ian Whitehead on ‘Ernest’s Adventure’ 

“Absolutely love what you did with the pics and the magazine looks great! Congrats!!!!” – Beatrice de Smet,

“It looks stunning and I couldn’t be more pleased! You are very good at your job.” – Mawgan Grace,  floatplane flying.

“The article is brilliant!” – Bradley Cullen, Aquavista

“Quick work on the article. Great stuff Dan.” – Douglas Cairns, Diabetes Polar Flight

“Wowee! I love it!” – Nadia Finer,

About Us

We are dedicated to adventure lifestyle. The '52’ in the name refers to the 52 weeks of the year and that we must make the most of every one of them. This site was founded by Dan Tye in November 2010 to create a magazine that brings together all aspects of adventure together in one place.