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Kopparberg husky rides and Spiced Apple cider

SOME Londoners have enjoyed a husky ride to work thanks to the Swedish drink brand Kopparberg. 

The huskies ran across across Kennington Park as part of Kopparberg’s Warming Up Winter campaign to mark the launch of the new Spiced Apple, which can be served chilled or warmed up.

More events are coming in January and those who want to find out what they are should follow t@kopparberguk or  Facebook.

The Spiced Apple variant is exclusively available at Tesco and ASDA for a limited period. Kopparberg Spiced Apple 550ml singular bottle is available from Tesco for £2.25. Kopparberg Spiced Apple 4 x 300ml pack is available from ASDA for £4.



About the author: Dan Tye

Dan came up with the idea for Adventure 52 after meeting so many like-minded people who love all kinds of adventure activities. He started out as pilot in the RAF, has worked as a ski instructor and has spent the past 12 years as an editor and journalist for motorcycling, aviation and adventure magazines.