New film ‘Taking Flight on Kilimanjaro’ starring Fernanda Maciel

You might have already seen Fernanda Maciel in the film about her running up Acongagua, but this latest shows her achieving her dream to run up Kilimanjaro.

She completed the run in September 2017 and not only did she set a new record, but she beat it by 2 hours 52 minutes. Despite being physically exhausted, injured, and running at high altitude, she reached the top with a beaming smile on her face. Fernanda summited the highest mountain in Africa in a record breaking 7 hours and 8 minutes, and made it back down in 10 hours 6 minutes.

Fernanda said: “I’m very happy. I’ve been dreaming of taking on this African mountain for a long time and today gave me that opportunity to do so, and achieve another high-mountain world record, after Aconcagua. I’ve been enjoying a lot the spirit of Kilimajaro,and also the spirit of the people – they are amazing. As a Brazilian, I love to dance and sing, and so do the people here!”

Be sure to check out ‘Fernanda Moves Mountains‘ too.

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