‘Running on Empty’ film shows why the GR20 trail is so tough

rory bosioIt takes the average person two weeks to hike across Corsica’s GR20 trail. But in this latest documentary from The North Face, ultrarunner Rory Bosio proves she is anything but average.

Watch as she covers the 118 mile trail in 50 hours. There’s some entertaining moments too; like when she repairs her hiking poles with gaffer tape very early on in the run, using her gloves to stop some unpleasant chafing near her ‘lady parts’ and the best pizza she has ever tasted…

Rory Bosio says: “I have been dreaming about running the entire GR20 for a long time. It’s 12 miles longer and has 13,000 more feet of ascent than I’ve ever run before. For me, it is a progression in my life as a mountain athlete to push my body and mind past the extremes.”

Photo by: The North Face/Matt Irving


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