Multipower Fit Protein Flapjack

Multipower Fit Protein Flapjack

I absolutely love flapjacks and they’ve been a staple in my hillwalking rucsac ever since I can remember.

But I am also well aware they are full of sugar and butter. Which is why I’m pleased to see that Multipower has brought out a brand new flapjack that contains protein.

The flapjacks are handmade and contain 18g of protein (in a 70g bar). While protein bars often taste funny, Multipower says it has “invested significant time and effort into developing a great tasting and effective protein flapjack”.

It costs £1.49 a bar or £26.82 for a box of 18 (£23.99 online price). There are two flavours: chocolate or yoghurt with cranberry.

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