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New Kit: beyerdynamic HS 800 Digital headset

An upgraded version of the existing HS 600 headset

THIS new HS 800 Digital is an upgraded version of the existing HS 600 headset and has a new type of Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction (DANR). 

Feedforward digital control was first introduced in the HS 600 but now beyerdynamic has worked out a way of giving digital feedback too.

The result, they say, is better noise cancelling.

The HS 800 Digital is now available in three versions.

In addition to the version with the two classic jack plugs, there is the HS 800 Digital Rotorwith spiral cable and U-174 / U jack plug for helicopters and a 6-pin version.


About the author: Dan Tye

Dan came up with the idea for Adventure 52 after meeting so many like-minded people who love all kinds of adventure activities. He started out as pilot in the RAF, has worked as a ski instructor and has spent the past 12 years as an editor and journalist for motorcycling, aviation and adventure magazines.

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