Laura Bingham’s incredible 6,500 km cycle without spending any money…

Laura Bingham left the UK in January and flew to Ecuador with the aim of cycling across South America without spending a penny.

She has since been cycling towards Buenos Aires, having already passed through Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.

DSC_0422Like any good adventure, she’s faced adversity, but hers has had more than the usual. First her cycling partner was hit off his bike and then her fiancé Ed Stafford was hit a few weeks later. She has also suffered from starvation at points – no money to buy food…

Despite the adversity, Laura has not spent a single penny throughout her whole trip and is now just weeks away from successfully completing her journey.

And it turns out that Laura hasn’t always been a cyclist, yet she is a very inspiring young woman who wanted to see if it was possible to get somewhere with nothing.

As you would expect, she is now pretty confident on a bike and has had plenty of good (and bad) experiences along the way, some of which Adventure 52 be asking her about when she gets back for our interviews page.

For now though, you can read about her adventure on or throw her a fiver here. She won’t be able to spend it just yet, but it may well help her with her next adventure…

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