Rohan Stravaig rucksack

THE 18-litre Straviag might just well be the everyday rucksack we need for this summer’s activities.

It’s made from Rohan’s hard-wearing Blockade™ fabric while the lining inside is water repellent Pacsil™ so if you do have spills inside or use this for your swimming kit, it’s going to cope.

It has a sleeve to hold a hydration bladder and has a tube exit point. There are two zipped pockets; a large one and one at the top which has a key clip inside. There’s also a stretchy mesh pocket for stashing a map in.

The shoulder straps are well-padded and the waist belt is detachable – useful for when it becomes annoying. And if it rains, there’s a water-resistant cover hidden in the bottom that you can pull out and cover the rucksack with.


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