New Suunto Vertical watch has free offline maps and solar charging

This beauty has a large coloured screen as well as solar charging

New Suunto Vertical watch has free offline maps and solar charging

Here’s an exciting new release for the summer season – the Suunto Vertical adventure watch.

It’s available to pre-order from today (May 9) and can be bought from May 16.

There are eight versions to choose from – four stainless steel ones (£560) and four that are titanium that also come with solar charging (£735). The stainless steel ones weigh 86g and the titanium solar is 74g.

suunto vertical

Titanium/solar models on the top row with the stainless steel options on the bottom row

Suunto Vertical key features

Suunto’s Head of Product Petri Lehtovirta says: “As its name states, the Suunto Vertical is a watch for those aiming to keep moving upwards and onwards, always improving their potential in the outdoors. Its robustness, its size – plus free online maps wherever you are in the world – tell you everything you need to know; this is a watch for people who live and breathe adventure.”

Waterproof down to 100m, has 97 sport modes and the ability to create custom modes 

Battery life and solar charging

Design wise, it has a lovely big colour screen and Suunto says the Vertical’s battery life is ahead of its competitors with 85 hours of continuous exercise tracking on the most accurate location tracking with the titanium solar variant and 60 hours with the stainless steel variant.

Suunto Vertical key features at a glance

Tour mode, which still provides accurate tracking, offers 500 hours of continuous exercise tracking. In daily mode, Suunto Vertical accompanies you for up to 60 days – in the titanium solar variant even up to one year without charging.

suunto vertical

You get free outdoor offline maps on the watch. Route plan using the Suunto app.

The Suunto Vertical can connect with up to five satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS) and up to 32 individual satellites simultaneously.

Petri Lehtovirta adds: “Suunto Vertical doesn’t sacrifice accuracy for longer battery life. It communicates with all five major satellite systems via Dual Frequency – an express lane for a faster, reliable signal. This is important, especially when running in the mountains and valleys or in a city between tall buildings.”

suunto vertical

Sensor on the rear for heart rate; solar display shows rate of charge over time

Sustainable design

The Suunto Vertical is made in Finland using 100% renewable energy and the watch has had its carbon footprint calculated and verified, and fully compensated with Verified Carbon Units. During its whole lifespan the titanium solar variant creates only 6.59 kg of CO2e – the equivalent of driving a combustion engine car for 39 km.

It’s a robust watch too; made with sapphire glass and has extruded buttons, and has been tested to the highest military standard of toughness (MIL-STD-810H).

Combined with the Suunto app and a huge array of partner services, the Suunto Vertical gives users a wide selection of customisation options and advanced training tools. New to the Suunto app is Training Zone where users can follow their training load, progress, recovery and sleep analysis and benefit from training insights from AI-based Suunto coach. Partner services like Strava, Training Peaks and Komoot can also be connected.

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