Salomon XA Pro 3D trainers review

Salomon XA Pro 3D trainers review

THERE’S a huge fan base for the XA Pro 3D trainers and Salomon has revised them for 2014.


There are new details like the words XA PRO down the side and ‘3D Chassis’ in red lettering. The word ‘3D’ is in the name of the trainer because the 3D chassis is why you will feel so much support around your feet. Compared to the previous model these have extra cushioning – but they still feel like a very hard trainer. I’ve been wearing Saucony Jazz 14 trainers for the past six months but it’s only by wearing the XA Pro 3D’s that I realise just how much more cushioning the Jazz 14’s have. What you get from the XA Pro’s instead is an overwhelming feeling of foot support.

XA pro 3D lacing system - Adventure 52 magazine

It took a while to work out what to do with the looped end of the laces after I’d pulled them tight – then I realised Salomon had a diagram on the label showing you where the loop goes (above).

XA Pro 3D lace loop - Adventure 52 magazine

XA Pro 3D chassis - Adventure 52 magazine

XA pro 3 D - contagrip - Adventure 52 magazine

One of the improvements is the extra protection over the toe area. I’ve seen so many people refusing to throw their XA Pro 3D’s away even though the toe fabric had worn through. The lace is now also secured further out over the front of the foot so the trainer doesn’t feel loose over the toes. I really like that the tongue is connected to the inside so when you put these on you feel like you’re putting your foot into a sock. It’s made of a wetsuit material in places; everything is extremely well stitched together. These don’t have a goretex lining (GTX) so I really felt the cold air come through the netted parts of the trainer on my bike ride. In the summer it means your feet won’t overheat but on colder days just be aware you’ll feel your toes nip a little.

XA Pro 3D toe area reinforced - Adventure 52 magazine

New reinforced toe area

XA Pro 3D inside - Adventure 52 magazine

Wetsuit-like material 


They’re great for all kinds of adventure activities



“The XA Pro 3D’s have a new lease of life. They feel stiffer, more supportive and give you overwhelming reassurance that you’re wearing something decent for any type of adventure activity.”