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The Israman Ironman Triathlon

A guest post by Danny Bent for Adventure 52

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Nine thousand miles to India on a steel-framed bicycle called Shirley

A snippet from Danny Bent’s book ‘You’ve gone too far this time Sir!’

MyVelo…in Lime Green Too

WE’VE had the car and the plane in lime-green this week so why not end off Week 14 with a lime-green bike? This one, announced yesterday, is made by MyVelo, the personalised bike brand. As company¬†founder Raj Tandon explains, MyVelo […]

Help Sherpa Laura Reach Everest Base Camp

TOMORROW on a busy Saturday in the Newlands shopping centre in Kettering, 34-year-old Laura Crick will ride a static bike for as long as it takes her to cycle 180 kilometres. The ride is in preparation for an Everest Trek […]

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