Special look at Derby Mountain Rescue Team’s Ford Rangers

YouTube video lets you see all the kit they carry for mountain rescue

Special look at Derby Mountain Rescue Team’s Ford Rangers

More of us are getting out in the hills post lockdown, but with that comes an increased of people needing support or rescue. 

MRT teams in the UK say that 2020 was a record year for mountain rescue callouts with a 40% increase compared to 2019. It’s also looking likely that 2021 will set a new record too. Furthermore, Google searches for “mountain rescue” were at their highest levels ever earlier this year. 

ford ranger

The Ford Rangers let the DMRT make fast progress on normal roads and are also capable of then going off-road

With this in mind, Ford and the Derby Mountain Rescue Team (DMRT) have created a couple of videos showing the kind of kit and capability they have with their Ford Ranger vehicles and how a rescue works.

Remember, if you do ever have to make a phonecall for help, you dial 999 and ask for the Police first, then for Mountain Rescue.

In this second video you can see how volunteer Dr Natalya Kennedy gives her time, skill and courage to help rescue those who find themselves in moments of need.