Deliveries of the Grenadier will begin in July 2022

Prices in the UK are expected to start from approx £48,000 (RRP)

Deliveries of the Grenadier will begin in July 2022

The artist’s impression above gives you some idea of what it will be like to go in to buy an INEOS Grenadier, when it launches in July next year. 

The initial ‘handraisers’ who expressed an interest in buying a Grenadier have been given two weeks to confirm their order and then from Thursday the 14th October, reservations will be open to everyone else. Prices in the UK are expected to start from £48,000.

INEOS plans to have 23 retail sites in operation ahead of the launch in the UK, supplemented by Bosch aftersales outlets as required. Formal agreements have already been signed with: 

  • Cambria Automobiles  
  • Compass Tractors: Bridgwater, Somerset  
  • JT Hughes: Telford 

Further agreements will be confirmed in due course.

Elsewhere around the world, INEOS Automotive is striking agreements with retail and aftersales partners to establish 200 sales and service points in time for July 2022.

Over the last three years, INEOS has been coming up with a first-class global aftersales blueprint together with Robert Bosch GmbH. Retail partners are going to form the backbone of the service network, with additional geographical coverage provided by hand-picked Bosch Car Service outlets.

INEOS Grenadier

Look for the Bosch Service Centre logo at a garage and you’ll be able to take your Grenadier there

It means most customers will never be further than 50km away from an INEOS-accredited workshop and where spare parts are not on the shelf, INEOS says they can deliver what’s needed (in major markets) within 24 hours.

“We wanted to give customers the choice of how much they wanted to see us, which means providing a full combination of digital and physical options,” said Mark Tennant, Commercial Director at INEOS Automotive. “Customer convenience, parts availability, service quality: we are focusing on getting the basics right, giving customers the buying experience they want and the aftersales support they need.

“If preferred, customers in our main markets will be able to buy their Grenadier online, including organising vehicle finance and handling any part exchanges. But we fully accept that most will want to try before they buy, for which having an extensive network on the ground is essential.”

The prototypes are currently in the final stages of development

We’re certainly getting excited ahead of the Grenadier’s launch and will be getting to ride along in one as a passenger in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that online soon.