New UVU running jacket

Its release coincides with the North Pole Marathon

New UVU running jacket

We can’t give you the photos of UVU’s new running jacket just yet.

And with very good reason.

You see the first time the jacket is unveiled will be when it’s shown at the North Pole on 5th April to coincide with the North Pole Marathon.

Showing you the jacket now would, quite simply, ruin the surprise, especially when you’ve gone to such lengths to showcase your creation at the very top of the World…

But these teaser videos released by UVU ahead of the launch not only whet the appetite for what’s expected to be a great item of clothing but it also taps into the concept of how far we push ourselves when we run. It also delves into why we run, what’s in it for us and how our minds can wander in all sorts of directions even when our attention is firmly set on going forwards. The video is called Why We Exist and goes some way to try to explain the reason why people yearn to run long distances.


Those of us that take our running seriously want to be out in all weather – no matter how cold – yet we don’t intentionally want to make ourselves suffer either. Which is why UVU’s new running jacket may well just be the solution for keeping us warm – and maybe, just maybe it’ll help our minds, which will be unburdened by the negativities of feeling cold, dream and think that bit more…