Martin Yelling on running, adventure and the Human Pace Series

Martin Yelling on running, adventure and the Human Pace Series

Where do you go trail running Martin? Your favourite places and why?

“I’ve got three favourite places. Locally, it’s on the Purbeck Hills and the Jurassic coastline. I love the inspiration of the far reaching views and the toughness of the constant climbs and descents. In the UK I love to run on Dartmoor and in the Lake District (although I don’t get to run in the Lakes often enough). Internationally, I love the trails in the Alps around Annecy and La Clusaz and Chamonix, plus the Rocky Mountain trails of the foothills of Boulder. All time easy access trail is probably the Mesa Trail in the Rockies.”

What adventure events have you personally taken part in?

“None. I’d love to do one though. I’ve run things like Comrades and the South Downs Way, as well as done things like Ironman Hawaii – that’s pretty adventurous!”

Have you trained anyone for adventures? i.e. like the Marathon des Sables.

“Yes, I’ve worked with people who like to push boundaries. Mostly this has been around running long distances, like JOGLE, or MDS, or back to back long races. I don’t think you need to go bonkers to make something adventurous. A weekend away doing something incredible in the outdoors can be one cool adventure.”


Martin checks his stopwatch while his group try out his pacing methods.  

Your advice for running in cold weather?

“Wrap up, but not too much. People always tend to put too many clothes on and then once they get going find that they are stripping layers to cool down. The best thing to do in the cold is to run faster. It’s amazingly good at warming you up.”

Why have you recently become involved with Human Race’s events?

“The Human Race Pace Series gives runners the chance to practice their pace in a race situation and get some valuable support before, during and after one of the three races in series. Understanding pace is very important for reaching personal goals. Human Race has only recently set up the new Human Pace Series, which is a selection of gimmick-free running events to help build up for a marathon. They aim to help runners better understand the art of pacing. Timing mats are set out at regular intervals throughout the entire course and participants get a full and proper breakdown of their times for each sector. There are also designated ‘pacers’ at each event that will run the events simply to help entrants run at the pace they’re aiming for. I’m an ambassador for the series and will be providing all entrants with some more detailed pacing advice ahead of the events too.”

Garmin Kingston Run Challenge 2013-36

Runners taking part in the Garmin Kingston Run Challenge


Martin Yelling is the pacing expert for the Human Race Pace Series which is made up of the Garmin Race Your Pace Half Marathon, the Whole Foods Market Breakfast Run and the Garmin Kingston Run Challenge.