Week 7 now online

Week 7 now online

GETTING fit enough for an adventure is often a struggle. We commit ourselves to a date, which is weeks or months in advance, knowing full well that to get there, we need to put the hours in to train for it. Fitness trainer Mark Anthony tells me this week that he’s seeing more and more people coming to him for help to achieve a complete change of lifestyle, a change which is geared specifically towards an adventurous endeavour. Consistency is key and changes to our body and our fitness don’t happen overnight, they come from regular exercise day after day after day. One method Mark uses is to do a different activity on each day of the week. This is something I subscribe to as well. Monday can be our Run day, Tuesday our Mountain Bike day, Wednesday our Swim day, Thursday our Climb day and Friday our Sauna day (it’s the end of the week afterall). This approach is also used by 18-year-old Ed Farrelly, who this week announced his attempt to climb Everest by the South East Ridge in April. You can read all about his training method for climbing mountains in this week’s lead feature. He’ll need every bit of leg and back strength and stamina he has. Good luck Ed and good luck to all of those reading who have big adventures to get fitter for too.

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Inside this week we have:

  • an exclusive interview with 18-year-old Brit Ed Farrelly who will climb Everest in April
  • why Lapland has some of the best snowparks and jumps for snowboarders
  • a look at Cessna’s SkyCatcher and why its low operating costs could make it a favourite for pilots who like touring
  • Air Malta will fly your diving kit to the island for free this February and March – find out what’s involved
  • an interview with fitness trainer Mark Anthony who can help us achieve our adventure fitness goals

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