Skis handmade from bamboo plus an amazing video of how they’re made

Skis handmade from bamboo plus an amazing video of how they’re made

A new British ski brand called Pure Freeride Design (PFD Skis) has started selling these customised skis handmade from bamboo.

Seventy percent of the skis is bamboo with the rest made up of carbon fibre, fibreglass, rubber, steel edges and a luxury gloss finish. As you can imagine, the combination results in a strong yet light and agile ski. 

Rupert Gammond of PFD Skis - mountain vista (C) Ross Woodhall

The man himself – Rupert Gammond has spent four years perfecting the PFD Skis

They’ve been produced by designer and skier Rupert Gammond who established PFD Skis in 2012, setting up a workshop in Worcestershire. His mission was to create a unique product for skiers by skiers.

Three models are on offer:

  • The All Mountain Charger – designed for all types of terrain and conditions. A true all rounder.
  • The Big Mountain Charger – for accomplished skiers looking for speed and agility in the big mountain environment.
  • The Powder Charger – the unsinkable yet playful design created for the deepest of powder days.

Only 100 sets of PFD Skis are produced a year, so it’s an exclusive range, and prices start from £960.

Choose your size with either a natural or caramel finish and the option of a base logo.

Buyers can also customise the top sheet prints, designs and colours – for a truly unique one-off set of skis.

Orders take four weeks to produce and can be delivered globally. In case you’re wondering why it takes four weeks, take a look at this wonderful video of how they’re made.

Rupert Gammond says he has spent the past four years designing and honing the PFD Skis to perfection. “I’m thrilled to launch them today,” he adds. “As a skier myself, I’ve been able to combine my love for the sport with my design knowledge, to create the ultimate skis.

“Using only the highest quality products and craftsmanship, we offer a unique, innovative handmade product unlike any other. We only produce 100 sets of skis a year to keep it exclusive.”

See the skis for yourself in October as PFD Skis are exhibiting at the London Ski Show (27 – 30 October), as well as attending a number of resorts in Europe for demos.

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Photos © Ross Woodhall