Nikwax Tech Wash comes out top in independent test

Product beats six others in test by respected laboratory Intertek

Nikwax Tech Wash comes out top in independent test

nikwax tech wash

Restores water repellency and helps your gear perform better

Waterproof clothing and equipment doesn’t function as well when it’s dirty. 

But throwing it in the washing machine with a normal detergent is just about the worst thing you can do – as it won’t restore your garment’s Durable Water Repellency (known as DWR).

Many of the outdoor washing/waterproof brands make claims about how well their products work, and one of those brands, Nikwax, has commissioned an independent test to see which fabric washer comes out top.

Samples of Nikwax Tech Wash were sent to Intertek, an internationally respected, independent laboratory, and were put up against against six leading outdoor brands’ cleaning products as well as traditional soap flakes.

The aim of the test was to establish the effect on DWR across a variety of common fabric used in outdoor gear – such as polyester, nylon and membranes (such as Gore-tex).

Mud, blood, oil and wine were tested and the Nikwax Tech Wash cleaned significantly better than the competition. It was also the only cleaner that let garments retain a full 100% of their DWR after washing.

Tim Pickering, Head of Development at Nikwax said: “We’re really pleased to demonstrate overwhelmingly that Nikwax Tech Wash is the best technical cleaner on the market for waterproof clothing. Other products do not clean as effectively and cannot maintain as much water repellency, meaning you, the wearer, will get cold and wet. Extend the life of your gear by only using the best”. 

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