Osprey publishes open letter to the Outdoor Community

Osprey shows solidarity with outdoor enthusiasts across the world

Osprey publishes open letter to the Outdoor Community

In response to the global crisis and in anticipation of a new and unparalleled chapter, Osprey has published an open letter to its outdoor community and retail partners across all channels.

With the message of ‘The Outdoors Beckons’, the open letter outlines Osprey’s solidarity with outdoor enthusiasts across the world and states its core values. “Through the principles of collective sympathy, ingenuity and by inspiring others we can prevail” which includes supporting friends, neighbours and local retailers.

The open letter comes ahead of the launch of a retailer support package to selected partners in order to support their businesses including across Osprey’s own digital channels. The wider support package will also include community initiatives such as Blue Light emergency service discounts, PPE face mask production by Osprey Packs in Colorado and the promotion of physical and mental health campaigns across Osprey’s channels.

Dear Friends,

There’s no doubt about it, what we are facing is unparalleled. Our world has changed, it is different. This is open-ended, and this could affect every business and everyone on the planet. This is a crisis of global magnitude. Business is NOT as usual.

Here at Osprey we can’t cure but we can show empathy to what everyone is going through, with our collective sympathy, ingenuity and by inspiring others to achieve more. These few guiding principles will serve us through these new dark waters. We were ‘forged in the wild’ and miss our natural world dearly but it’s important for all of us to show that we genuinely care about what we are all going through. This is an opportunity for everyone to come together because we’re all feeling the same way.

We won’t speculate about when the ‘end’ of this period will come, but we must prepare for a transition thoughtfully and pro-actively. Think about what the new world might look like and row towards that shore each day. We will roam free AGAIN.

Until then, we ask you consume smarter, buy better, buy local. Not necessarily from us, but from any retailers you believe in. We have to keep the wheels rolling so family, friends and neighbours can continue to earn a living. This is an uncomfortable truth and a harsh reality.

Are we ready for what’s next and beyond? The world has been through crises before and collectively we’ll get through this one. Stay safe, stay local and think of others first. The Outdoors Beckons.

Sincerely, All at Osprey