Quiksilver partners with ‘We aRe SpinDye’ to colour its jackets

Quiksilver partners with ‘We aRe SpinDye’ to colour its jackets

Brands that make clothing for the outdoors face a dilemma when it comes to making their products, especially in terms of how the fabrics used and production methods affect the planet.

One of the most interesting issues is that of how clothing is dyed and a recent survey suggests that the textile industry is responsible for about a fifth of all water pollution worldwide.

With that in mind, Quiksilver is working with We aRe SpinDye® and using a technique where the colour is integrated in the fabric from the start, which results in 90 percent less chemicals and up to 85 percent less water usage. The process also reduces the average carbon footprint by 25 percent, cuts energy usage by 30 percent and uses recycled and traceable polyester, all making for a greener future.

One of the first items of gear to come from the collaboration is the SnowSpinDye Jacket (pictured here). And if you think the process means it won’t perform as well, then that’s not the case. This new line has 20K water-proofing and 4-way-stretch and can perform in the harshest conditions. The colouring extremely resistant to sunlight and other environmental impacts (heat etc), making them more durable and this a major contributing factor to the reduction of consumption in the long run (produce less, but better being the mantra here).

Quiksilver’s Global Brand Manager, Garry Wall, says: “Quiksilver was founded out of a deep passion for chasing waves and fresh powder, and water is the essence of our brand. Protecting our playgrounds and pushing innovation towards sustainability is crucial for us.”

We aRe SpinDye’s Co-Founder Martin Berling adds: “We share a passionate belief with Quiksilver that the sports- and fashion world must change for the better. We are proud to be involved and to take on the challenge together with Quiksilver to fuel the revolution the fashion and apparel industry is going through. Together we have a common mission of being true change makers in the industry.”

See the new SnowSpinDye Jacket on www.quiksilver.com