New watch from Elliot Brown – the Holton Automatic

Human movement keeps this beauty working - ideal for off-grid trips

New watch from Elliot Brown – the Holton Automatic

Elliot Brown Holton Automatic

Gunmetal version

Timed for launch just before Christmas comes this new version of Elliot Brown’s existing Holton watch – called the Holton Automatic. 

The brand says this will be “happy off-grid for short or long periods of time” thanks to its NH35 automatic mechanism – human movement keeps the watch working. And for periods when there is no movement, it has a 40-hour power reserve just to be sure that it keeps on ticking.

It will come in three colours – all priced at £650  – with the Gunmetal version shown in the photos here. The other two colours will be Bronze and Bead blasted.

Some of the key features are the bezel that twists in either direction with 120 satisfying ‘clicks’ along with that Superluminova dial so you can see it at night and in low-light conditions.

Elliot Brown Holton Automatic watch

The crown at the 4 o’clock position is triple sealed and recessed so that it won’t catch and snag.

It’s a rugged beauty too, having been strapped to the outside of an underwater ROV and plunged deep into the Gulf of Mexico as part of a research dive down to 1,900 metres. The face is scratch resistant sapphire and has an anti-reflective coating that Elliot Brown says will last a lifetime.

As with all Elliot Brown watches it’s easy to change the look of your timepiece. Simply select a strap from the collection on the website and effortlessly, yet effectively, freshen it up.

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