ActivBod is great for scrubbing off dirt and sweat

ActivBod is great for scrubbing off dirt and sweat

Do you have an active body?

Of course you do! Which is just as well, because here’s a new range of pre and post exercise toiletries called ActivBod.

They are aimed at anyone that’s active, but we think they’re going to be a hit with adventurers, who will appreciate the natural ingredients used in them, as well as the tingly, fresh feeling that they leave you with.

I’ve been sent six of them to try out and over the past two weeks they’ve been in my gym bag and in my rucsac.

First up is the ‘Game Changer Face Scrub‘. At £7 it’s about twice the price of the usual one I buy. I often use a face scrub to wake myself up in the morning particularly on those days when I don’t shower first thing. The ActivBod one certainly has a good amount of micro-scrubbing particles in it along with salicylic acid and sweet almond oil to cleanse the pores. It does a magnificent job at scrubbing your face clean, and it leaves you with a strong smell of grapefruit. 

Next is the ‘Feel Great Shower Concentrate‘ and the important word here is that it is ‘concentrate’ so you only need a little to build up a good lather. It’s a 100ml bottle so I can see this being ideal to take on planes in your hand luggage or for travellers keep with them on a long trip. You can really smell the Tea Tree oil in this one.

As well as the shower concentrate there is also a bottle of ‘Pick Me Up Scrub‘ (£8) which is the bottle you should use to give your whole body a really deep scrub. ActivBod says it “works wonders cutting through bike oil, grease and tough mud”. I used it after having a go on the obstacle course Adrenaline Rush and agree, it certainly does cut through the mud and sweat.

If you find yourself still hot and sweaty long after you leave the changing room then you might want to try the ‘Cooling Finishing Lotion‘. At £12 for 100ml, it’s a pretty high price, but it’s inflammatory so it will help to ease sore muscles. I used it, but I don’t get on well with products containing menthol as I find it’s way too tingly. So my advice is to try a little tester in Boots before you buy.

The final product is a unique one. It’s actually a balm stick that you can apply to your skin when you don’t feel like exercising. The idea is that the essential oils and fragrance will boost your mood and make you feel like being active. ActivBod says to “keep it in kit bags, handbags, desk drawers or pockets for on the spot mental clarity”. It costs £5 and is called a ‘Mind over Matter‘ stick. Worth a try, particularly if you struggle to get going.

The founders of the ActivBod are currently running a #myactiv campaign and are supporting the Women’s Sport Trust by donating 10 per cent of net profits from the sales of the range.

On sale now in Boots or online.