ENERTOR insoles review

ENERTOR insoles review

enertor insoles

34% energy return because of the D3O material

There is no shortage of insoles on the market, but one pair I highly recommend are these ENERTOR insoles.

While they’re pricey at £39.99, they really do work.

Much of their effectiveness is down to a material called D3O in them. If you’re a motorcyclist, you’ll know what D3O is as it’s used a lot in protective armour in biking gear.

The D3O is a classed as a ‘smart’ material because it starts off soft, but when it’s impacted, it absorbs and disperses energy, then becomes flexible again.

enertor insoles

Old insoles top and new ENERTOR ones bottom

I popped the ENERTORs in to old faithful Saucony TR8 Excursion trainers and have spent the past month running in them. I even wore them for a six hour hike in the Brecon Beacons.

Plus points are I haven’t had to cut any material off like I have had to do with other insoles to make them fit inside my trainers. The only downside is that my heels do feel a little looser in the trainer because of the thicker padding underfoot.

However, this minor issue is far outweighed by the comfort and support they give.

I’ve recently had issues with my left Achilles tendon and the ENERTOR insoles have made a massive difference to my recovery and to my flat-fleet, which are now much less painful, especially after I’ve run more than 10 kilometres.

If you have any foot issues and want some proper support then the extra expense of the ENERTOR insoles are well worth the investment.

enertor insoles

Dan putting the ENERTOR insoles to the test on a muddy trail in the Peak District