Sign up for Snow Alerts

Sign up for Snow Alerts

It dumped it down with snow in Scotland last year. And it’s looking every bit as likely that the conditions this year will have us loading up the car, booking an easyJet flight or taking the train north.

I might be tempting fate here but we may be at a point where it’s no longer hit or miss when it comes to booking up a week in late December for skiing in Scotland. One of the best ways to keep tabs on things is to sign up to Snow Alerts on the Ski Scotland website here. You’ll get a regular email telling you when they’ve had a dumping of snow and details about which ski areas are open.

As I write this, the eastern centres of Glenshee, Cairngorm and the Lecht all have deep snow cover. Glencoe isn’t quite ready to open yet.

Just as last year, we can buy a book of vouchers for five consecutive days of skiing at any one of the five resorts. It means if conditions are better at say Glencoe than at Cairngorm, we can make our way over and ski there for the day. The book of vouchers costs £130 which works out at £26 a day.

Piste maps are available online here.

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