By Air Mail jewellery and watches

After launching leather wallets for pilots’ logbooks and licences last year, the girls at By Air Mail have now unveiled a range of jewellery and watches aimed specifically at aviators.

Beatrice Bourinet (a private pilot) and Martine Devillers have been friends for years. After 15 years of working together in audiovisual production they decided to start making gifts for pilots after Beatrice found that she couldn’t buy a colourful, nice looking case for her flying logbook.

Beatrice has held her pilot’s licence since October 2005 and has been the President of the Club Matra to Toussus-le-Noble (near Paris ) for three years. She flies a DR400, DR220, TB20 aiming for 80 hours per year.

The wallets and cases have since grown in popularity and at the beginning of 2010, Beatrice met Jean Louis Strack, a watchmaker by trade and aviation enthusiast and Maxime Roche, a commercial director for 20 years in charge of developing lines of diamonds. This meeting has led BAM to create its first collection of pilot watches and silver jewellery, designed by Beatrice herself.

The jewellery has small nods to aviation with morse code inscriptions made up of cut away ‘dashes’ and small diamonds for the ‘dots’ etched into the metal. The dog tag designs are likely to be favourite with the men while the ‘Bracelet Avion Kiss’ and ‘Medailles Kiss’ are aimed at the female aviator. The Medialles Kiss, pictured above, has a cutaway shape of an aeroplane with diamonds depicting a smoke trail.

In case you’re wondering, the Morse code inscription on some of the jewellery below spells out “Pilot”.

The Browser Chrono Pilot Quartz, 450 euro

“Morse Target” Pendant 390 euro

Dog Tag Pendant, morse code spells ‘Pilot’, 390 euro

The Night Flight Chrono Pilot, 550 Euro