Buy a spacesuit in the Bonhams Space History Sale

Buy a spacesuit in the Bonhams Space History Sale

OK, so we won’t get to use it in anger if we buy one, but a spacesuit is just one of the items which will be auctioned at Bonhams in New York on May 5th.

Gennadi Strekalev of the Sokol KV-2 Soyuz TM 10 flew in this spacesuit in 1990

The Space History Sale will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Alan Shepard’s historic mission on Freedom 7 as the first American in Space.

Items up for sale include two Russian spacesuits, one called Sokol K, worn by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, Commander of the Soyuz 19 Spacecraft, during the historic Apollo-Soyuz Test Project on July 15-19, 1975. This mission represented a symbolic end to the Space Race. Estimate $100,000-150,000

The second suit, called Sokol KV-2, was used by cosmonaut Gennadi Strekalov on the Soyuz TM 10, from August 1 to December 10, 1990, during a mission to the Mir space station.Estimate $60,000-80,000

We can even buy the Apollo 14 Maurer Camera from the personal collection of Edgar Mitchell who was the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14 and the sixth person to walk on the Moon. This 16mm Maurer Data Acquisition Camera was used to film movies through the Lunar Module Pilot’s window during the approach and landing of the Lunar Module. Estimate $60,000-80,000

Perhaps the most incredible item on sale is an Apollo 14 Tissue Dispenser which was flown into orbit to the moon. Estimate $6,000-8,000. Yep, you read right – $6000 for a tissue dispenser. But it has been round the Moon…