Breitling’s aeronautical Pop Art

Breitling’s aeronautical Pop Art

“I pressed the fire control…and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky…”

So goes the caption to Roy Lichentsein’s most famous piece of pop art – Whaam! It’s a work of art that not only caught the imagination of pilots but also started a whole different art form showing modern life in comic-book colour across broad themes.

Roy’s Whaam! originated from a comic-book panel from a 1962 issue of DC Comics’ All-American Men of War and to this day still attracts attention at the Tate Modern. But now we can also see a whole new line up of aeronautical inspired pop art on the walls of Breitling’s first ever flagship store in New York.

Located near Fifth Avenue on 57th Street, the three-floor store showcases Breitling’s watches along with a mix of pop art turning it into as much an art exhibition as a shop.

Breitling Pop Art 3Breitling USA President Marie Bodman says, “The strategy is to showcase a complete assortment of more than 900 timepieces, including exclusive and limited edition watches, in a manner that thoroughly reveals the brand throughout its history to the present, giving our customers the ultimate brand experience.”

And this means a history wall highlighting significant moments and innovations in Breitling’s past blended with a mix of edgy iconic pop artwork – including the sculpture of a 1940’s girl in a red dress sat astride a 1000lb bomb which can be seen on the second floor in the background of this photo below.