Rude Road Trip

Rude Road Trip

AHH, there’s nothing quite like a road trip, but for the guys from the Inbetweeners, their 48-hour mission to drive to the rudest sounding streets in Britain comes to an end today.

Actors Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison set off in the yellow Fiat, sporting a red nose for Comic Relief. They began their adventure on Bush Lane and their rude-route has taken them to Bell End, Twatley, Fannys Lane, Cock Street, North Piddle and Minge Lane where the council says the road sign has been stolen repeatedly. Dinner last night was at Sally Pussy’s Inn in Wootton Bassett.

50 road names are on the target, but in a GMTV interview this morning the boys said they still had 22 left to visit…they best put their foot down.

Road-trips feature regularly in the show and this latest one shows that with a bit of imagination we can jump in our car and come up with pretty much any kind of challenge to make things more interesting and fun.

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