New TV series: Flying Wild Alaska

New TV series: Flying Wild Alaska

IN ALASKA most familes receive their groceries and supplies from air.

Tonight a new series about a family that runs an airline that delivers these supplies starts on Discovery Channel.

The 10-part series called FLYING WILD ALASKA, shows how the Tweto family transports life’s necessities to other families living in remote areas of Alaska. With no road network for hundreds of miles, their airline company, called Era Alaska, is the lifeline for the isolated rural inhabitants of the Bering Sea coastline.

Dad of the family Jim runs the company alongside wife, Ferno, who’s a cargo runner, dispatcher and mum to their two daughters, Ayla and Ariel, who also play a vital role in the operation. Year round, Jim and his family are motivated by the fact that the livelihood’s of thousands of people depend on their business and employees every day. They deliver snow dogs, medicine for sick children, groceries for miners and other essential goods.

Era Alaska has a huge fleet of 75 planes and the pilots who fly them range from a professional skateboarder to a local Alaskan native who has grown up around this business his whole life.

Check out a few teaser videos here. With titles like ‘Fog Terror’, ‘Hunting Party Drop’. ‘Neck Breaker’ and ‘Dodging Mountains’ there’s plenty here to excite the adventure pilots amongst us.

Photo Discovery Channel