Force Ten Spindrift 300

Force Ten Spindrift 300

HERE’S the new Force Ten Spindrift 300 tent.

If you’re looking for a really stable tent that has a large porch to store your rucsac outside the sleeping area, then its well worth considering. Best of all it weighs in at just 5.85kg.

The Force Ten Spindrift 300 gets its name from the snow you see drifting from the top of mountains and this tent is properly designed to pitch in the snow – it  has snow valances and snow compatible pegging points (use your skis or your ice axe punched down in the snow to secure the tent).

It costs £545 but it’s a tent that the pro’s use as a base camp tent for mountain expeditions or Arctic conditions.

Force Ten has also brought out a Titan 300 and a Sentinel 500 tent.

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