The Turner Twins complete an adventure to ‘the Green Pole’

Their cycling adventure lasted five weeks and they covered 2,500km

The Turner Twins complete an adventure to ‘the Green Pole’

The Turner Twins have completed their latest expedition to The South American Pole of Inaccessibility, also known as ‘the Green Pole’,

The pair headed to the area where renowned British explorer Percy Fawcett was last seen, whose disappearance was one of the greatest explorations of the 20th century.

Starting on the north-west coast of Chile, The Turner Twins cycled over the Andes Mountains ascending 33kms by bike, crossed the famous Atacama desert, traversed volcanoes and salt flats and then crossed the world’s largest swamp area, The Pantanal.

The journey totalling over 2,500 km, crossed through Chile, Bolivia and the Brazilian State Mato Grosso before reaching the Pole.

“The journey to the South American Pole of Inaccessibility has been incredibly challenging mentally and physically. We have dropped a lot of our body weight as we often found ourselves cycling for days in extreme terrain before reaching any form of town, so our food intake was limited“ said Hugo Turner.

The South American Pole is the second Pole of Inaccessibility The Turner Twins have ventured to have previously been the first adventurers to explore the Continental Pole of Inaccessibility by paramotor in August 2016.

“It’s been four expeditions in one, with four very different environments — desert, high altitude plateau, jungle and Brazil with 45 degree heat. It has by far been the toughest expedition to date.”

The expedition has taken five weeks to complete and was brought to life through The Turner Twins’ social media channels where they published a bespoke series of mirrored Instagram images, linking to their unique identity as mirror twins.

The images showcase key landmarks and milestones throughout their adventure and form part of a wider social media activation covering Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Hugo and Ross turned to adventuring 10 years ago following a spinal cord neck injury Hugo endured during a freak diving accident. Since the injury, the identical twins have dedicated their lives to research and fundraising for spinal charity Wings for Life, an organisation set up to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

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