Sam Anthamatten on skiing down ‘Corrugated’ and training for mountain sports

Sam Anthamatten on skiing down ‘Corrugated’ and training for mountain sports

tero_repo_sam_anthamatten-5284Q. What has been your biggest adventure in the past year?
A: “My goal last season was to ski “Corrugated” in Alaska. This is a 600 metre vertical ‘spinewall’ with huge cornices on top and an average inclination of 60°. It’s only ever had a handful of snowboard descents, but had not yet been skied.”

Q: What kind of training did you do to prepare for that?
A: “It was crucial that I was mentally and physically at the top of my game. As the wall was so technical, a new level of spine-skiing for myself, I was definitely out of my comfort zone. For my mental strength I had to ski a lot of exposed and steep runs. Physically the preparation started half a year before, with a lot of balance and gym training.”

Q: How often do you use the gym? And what other adventure sports to to take part in?
“Depending on the season, I train in between 5 and 6 days per week. I climb a lot. Biking is also one of my favourite sports, to train endurance and at the same time my reactions. I often combine paragliding with my training, so I run up the mountain to fly down with my paraglider. Basically I try to do every mountain sport to keep me fit for the winter season.”

tero_repo_sam-7892Q: Can you give our readers some training tips?
“Yes, Maintain a rhythm in your training plan. This way you have a constant repetition. Try to alternate as much as possible on your exercises to shock your body and work different muscles. Motivation! You will have a crazy gain of power as long as you train with motivation. Go train with your friends, have fun and be proud about your sore muscles at the end of the session.”

Q: You’re a North Face athlete and we’ve seen a lot of photos of you wearing the new Mountain Athletics kit. What’s your thoughts on this?
tero_repo_sam-8042A: “As I am alternating my training as much as possible, I need shirts, shorts and shoes that I can use for every move and in all weather conditions. The MA kit is specially made for this kind of training. MA has a great look and the perfect functionality for all my training activities. It feels light, stretchable and it looks good.”