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WE’RE feeling like going for a swim here at Adventure 52 this week. This is in part to La Senza showing off its newest swimwear range with some stunning lifestyle shots taken on a ship sailing round South Africa. While other fashion companies use stick-thin models in their campaigns, La Senza has received praise throughout the industry for using models that have normal, healthy, curved figures – and what a result.
Alas we’re still not quite out of winter yet so for all you snow fans, next week a new film called ‘Chalet Girl’ is released continuing the excellent tradition of British-comedy films but one that is wrapped up in funny tales from the slopes. There’s bound to be scenes in the movie that all of us can relate to… and perhaps some grimaces with recollections from our past seasons too.
The snow theme continues with a special feature on snow- kiting. This new sport looks hard and trying to work out exactly how to do it just from looking at the pictures is tough but our interview with instructor ‘JP’ should unravel the basics and perhaps tempt you to book a course out in Finland where he offers accommodation, food and instruction all in one neat price.
Pilots can also buy a new bag this week which has been custom made to carry the essential flying items we use. But the award for true-customised style goes to Range Rover for its Ultimate Edition car called the Autobiography. I will say no more about it as the photos speak for themselves.
And before I go, just a reminder that Week 10 pretty much marks a fifth of the way through the year…how are YOU using your weeks?
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Inside this week we have:

  • Range Rover’s Ultimate Edition – iPads come as standard
  • The basics of Snow Kiting
  • The new Wingman bag for pilots from Tuff-Luv
  • La Senza’s latest swimwear range
  • A look at what it’s like to be a Chalet Girl and a preview of the new film with the same name due to come out next week

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