Week 9 Now Online

Week 9 Now Online

IT was only after finishing this week’s issue when I realised that all of the features – apart from Triumph’s new motorcycle – don’t involve the use of an engine. It wasn’t planned, it just kinda happened. What it shows though is that we can still get out and about without resorting to petrol power to take us places. But boy do these sports take some effort and fitness. Take Sarah Outen’s row from Australia to Mauritius for instance. This stands out simply for the sheer physical effort that she had to go through to wake up each day and row 4000 miles over 124 days. Her book tells the whole story but a simple fact tells it straight; even though she ate hundreds of Mars Bars she still lost 20kg of body weight by the end of it. Her book is life-affirming, poignant and best of all, funny.

There’s another amazing woman in this week’s issue – Squash Falconer. I’ve not asked her how she got her name yet because I was too busy being absolutely blown away by her plan to fly a paraglider off the summit of Mount Everest in a few weeks time. As well as smiling non-stop, Squash truly embraces the Adventure Fifty Two lifestyle; she runs, climbs, cycles, flies and rides motorbikes as well. But more importantly she has fun doing these things. Her Everest flight is going to be epic but something tells me that even after doing that, she’ll have plans for other adventures…and you can bet she’ll be seeking out the fun times in every one of those too. If you only take one thing away from this week’s issue, then take the lead from Sarah and Squash – in whatever you’re doing be sure to laugh and smile a lot more.

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Inside this week we have:

  • Mountain Mayhem – entries are now being accepted for this weekend of mountain biking and running
  • Triumph’s new adventure motorcycle – the 800XC
  • Expect epic snowboarding films after Victor De Le Rue is signed on by Relentless Energy
  • Jumping Off Everest – interview with Squash Falconer on her plans to paraglide from the top of the world
  • Read the great new book from Sarah Outen on rowing across the Indian Ocean.