Bathletic bath oil review – your post-hike legs will thank you for it

An after sport/exercise aromatherapy bath oil that really does work

Bathletic bath oil review – your post-hike legs will thank you for it

I‘m sure I’m not the only one who daydreams of ‘that’ bath you’re going to have after a long hike. 

My go-to used to be Radox bath salts, then it was the Westlab ‘Mindful’ bath salts and now I’ve tried something a bit different – a bath oil.

Using a clever play of the words ‘bath’ and ‘athletic’ you get the word Bathletic. It’s an after sport/exercise aromatherapy bath oil that will ‘sooth sore muscles, relieve stress and improve sleep’. It’s also 100% natural & vegan.

batheltic bath oil review

Just two capfuls will transform your bath into a reviving liquor

I’ve put my old body through plenty of Wainwright and Munro summits so far this summer, so couldn’t wait to see what Bathletic was like. My first time trying out the oil was after the heatwave weekend we had in July. I’d been down in the Lake District and by the time I’d completed the hike and the hot/sweaty drive back up to Glasgow, I was daydreaming even more about dripping two capfuls of Bathletic wonder oil under a running tap…

A sweaty hot hike in the Wasdale Valley in the Lake District

It gives off a lovely smell as soon as it enters the water; a mix of grapefruit, eucalyptus, lavender, black pepper and frankincense, nothing too overpowering though, and nothing that’s going to put you off if you’re sensitive to smell or particular about these things.

I certainly noticed a difference in how my skin felt during and after the bath compared to using salts; much more nourished. You’d definitely only need one or two drops meaning that a bottle will last a long time.

For me though, the highlight was how I felt an hour or two after having the bath, my muscles really were soothed and that aromatherapy had worked it’s magic as I slid into bed and drifted off.

I’ve used Bathletic a number of times since and each time it still delivers that same feeling – long may it continue.

It costs £16.99 for a 100ml, a great price for easing aches and getting a better night’s sleep I’d say.

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