New Canyon e-bikes to consider this Spring

Check out Canyon’s upgraded Urban e-Hybrid range

New Canyon e-bikes to consider this Spring

Canyon has introduced a selection of upgraded e-bikes to consider as we move in to the start of the cycling season.

The following bikes are available from 7th March. Here’s a rundown of what’s on offer.

Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD (£4,799)


The Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD is one of the most striking of Canyon’s designs

The Roadlite:ON CF 9 LTD straddles both the City and Touring categories. The bike features SRAM’s Eagle AXS 12-speed wireless electronic gearing: smooth, precise, and originally developed for world class race bikes. The front light is dazzlingly bright and a speed-responsive tail-light increases in brightness when you squeeze on the brakes. Both lights are also integrated into the frame, ensuring the bike delivers on ease and aesthetic.

Ideal for city adventures

Commuter:ON 7 (£,3,199)

Available in a brand-new colourway for 2023 and deceptively lightweight at just 17 kg

The Commuter:ON 7 falls in to the Commuter category (no surprises there). The bike is a true urban sidekick, equipped with everything to café-hop, blitz down canal paths. Mudguards and lights are integrated in to the design. It comes with hydraulic disc brakes too (Shimano). This model also features the all-new FAZUA Ride 60 drive system, which Canyon are one of the first bike brands to pioneer. This has a 430 Wh battery and 3 pre-set riding modes.

Download the FAZUA Remote fX app to monitor battery level and more on a smartphone

Pathlite:ON 9 LTD SUV (£5,249)

The Pathlite:ON 9 LTD SUV is kitted out for weekend riding, dawn-to-dusk escapes and exhilarating expeditions

Out of the selection, my favourite for adventure-potential has to be the Pathlite:ON 9 LTD SUV. This is the ultimate bike in Canyon’s touring collection. The 750 Wh battery capacity has plenty of juice on tap for consistent, reliable power across all kinds of terrain. The ingenious Bosch ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) prevents front wheel skidding and rear wheel lifting if you suddenly need to slam on the brakes.

Outfitted for the outdoors with the Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System

Precede:ON AL (From £3,349)

canyon e-bikes

An e-bike built for carrying cargo that could also do well on adventures too.

The Precede:ON AL is a beautifully designed City e-bike. This has a low-maintenance, long-lasting Gates belt drive and the Enviolo hub shift means no oil smudges on your tights or trousers. It has a powerful Bosch motor and large battery capacity to make pedalling around with that heavily-loaded rear rack a breeze.

All models are now available from