Check out the Camino WP trail shoes from 361° Europe

Worth considering for everyday use and hikes this coming season

Check out the Camino WP trail shoes from 361° Europe

Here’s a brand I’ve not come across before – 361° Europe.

It was formed in 2016 with the goal of creating running shoes and is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Today the brand has a range of road, speed and trail running shoes, all built with their proprietary technology called Quikfoam. 

Quikfoam is the special compound that 361 has come up with for the soles

361° Europe felt they could build themselves a niche with an honest story and a great product. It’s a team of industry experts that are close to the running community. ‘One degree beyond’ is their mantra (hence the name 361 degrees) and the brand says its passion is to see people of all backgrounds and of all performance levels do more than they think they can.

They love supporting people to go beyond their expectations, with a special love for people who never thought they’d be able to run a 5K, 10K or a marathon.

Camino WP trail shoes in detail

As far as 361’s outdoor shoes go, here’s a pair of waterproof trail shoes called the Camino WP. These are built from their Yushan 2 shoe and uses the special Quikfoam material.

camino wp

Mens and womens Camino WP

The trail outsole provides great grip and traction and there’s a waterproof upper with a gusted tongue along with a slightly higher collar to keep water and debris out.

They weigh in at 396g and have an 8mm drop

There’s just one colour for women (mint green with yellow laces) and one for men (khaki green with yellow laces), both priced at €159.99.

camino WP

361 branded leggings are also available

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