Why you need a STAYHOLD boot organiser in your life

Why you need a STAYHOLD boot organiser in your life

THOSE of regularly heading to the hills might keep some of their outdoor kit in the boot of the car all the time (I’m guilty – Ed).

So you might like to invest in one of Velcro Ltd’s STAYHOLD Boot Organisers which stick to the carpet using velcro.

You can use one individually or as a set to create secure compartments.

Mark Sater, VP of Strategic Execution at Velcro Companies commented: “STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers really can help Brits say goodbye to car boot chaos, and we are very proud to partner with this innovative product system and bring it to British shelves. We are certain that it will become the must-have car accessory for people who like to keep their car boots tidy and organised.”

STAYHOLD Superpack (includes one large and two small cargo organiser panels, plus straps) £24.99

STAYHOLD Cargo Organisers £4.99 to £8.99

STAYHOLD Utility Straps £3.99 to £4.99

Available from www.velcro.co.uk and Amazon, Bunnings Warehouse, Homebase and Robert Dyas.