New Kit: Powertraveller’s pocket-sized crankmonkey

New Kit: Powertraveller’s pocket-sized crankmonkey

THE numbers speak for themselves. 

The new crankmonkey can generate enough electricity in just two minutes of handle cranking to switch a smartphone back on from being off. Ten minutes of cranking gives six to seven hours of light for a Petzl head torch or 20 minutes of talktime on an iPhone 6. And if your arms can take it, one hour of cranking will fully charge up a GoPro Hero 4.

The crankmonkey generates power for 5V devices independently of mains electricity or batteries – and all you have to do is rotate (crank) the handle – what a piece of kit.

It will power up smartphones, GPS units and avalanche transceivers and has the potential for use by mountain rescue teams, explorers, aid agencies, climbers, skiers and sailors in emergency situations.

Jerry Ranger of Powertraveller says: “The ability to deliver infinite power independently of mains electricity or battery-powered devices is hugely significant. The crankmonkey could be the lifeline for anybody in need of power in a distressing or emergency situation and this technology finally brings infinite power to the palm of your hand.

“Whether you are part of a rescue team on a mountain or in distress out at sea, just a few minutes of cranking can provide enough charge to revive a completely flat smartphone and enable a potentially life-saving call to be made. The crankmonkey is your lifeline for keeping essential lines of communication open when batteries on crucial electronic kit run out.”

The crank monkey comes with a lifetime guarantee and weighs 346g.

A few months ago we said that Powertraveller was working on some new products so we’re excited to see what else is on the way.