New Kit: Prexport Street boots

New Kit: Prexport Street boots

These ‘Street’ boots are a new style from Prexport and while they might look like trainers, they have considerable protection built in to them.

They have the vintage-look that’s so popular now, but the safety additions include a Texon insole (reinforced with a steel blade) and protectors in the heel and toe that are made out of composite material. There’s reflective detailing on the heel too.

They sound like they’ll be great to wear in hot weather; there’s a fully breathable Airtex membrane, which helps to keep the foot cool and dry. 

All of this,  along with a full-grain leather upper, means the ‘Street’ boot is significantly more robust than your everyday ‘fashion shoe’.

Prexport Street boots are available in sizes 41-47 [UK 7-12], in colours ‘vintage brown’ or ‘grey’ and cost £99.99 including VAT. Prexport Street boot grey Call 0117 971 9200 or visit for details.