Pack a Stormhoek Stack; wine to take on adventures

Pack a Stormhoek Stack; wine to take on adventures

STORMHOEK is the kind of rugged name we love.

And this new product is called the Stormhoek Stack – and we have to say, that it is a simply brilliant idea.

It’s a stack of pre-filled wine glasses that you can take with you on a picnic, hikes and camping adventures. This is exactly why Adventure 52 is about to pack some for our week-and-a-half long adventure to Noirmoutier in France.

The Stormhoek Stack holds the same amount of wine as a standard bottle, except it snaps into four individual ready-to-drink, shatterproof, stemless glasses that contain approximately 150 calories per serving.

These are perfect for those of us who just want one glass of wine without opening a whole bottle. It keeps fresh in the fridge for up to 96 weeks, providing a portion-controlled glass of wine whenever you fancy – this way you know exactly how many calories you are guzzling down.

Stormhoek Chardonnay & Glasses

Even better is that this weighs two thirds less than a glass bottle of wine making it a much more attractive option for packing in your backpack.

It currently only comes as a white wine (Chardonnay, South Africa) but there are plans for a red.

Find the Stormhoek Stack at selected Tesco stores priced £7.49.

Stormhoek Stack with a burger on the side

Cheeseburger not included.