Why you need a LifeStraw Personal

Use this straw to suck water up from a puddle, river or stream

Why you need a LifeStraw Personal

Anyone who has ever run low on water out on a trip will know the panicky feeling of finding a water source you can trust.

A LifeStraw Personal is one of those bits of gear that doesn’t weigh a lot, but can make a huge difference to being able to have clean and sterile drinking water.

LifeStraw’s Jason Myers says: “It’s just so simple to use and to maintain. Simply crouch down and suck water up from a puddle or if you’re a wild swimmer you can drink as you go.”

The fabric mesh inside was originally developed for filtering blood and then they realised it could catch Guinea worm larvae out of drinking water.

Jason adds: “It’ll do 4,000 litres of water before it needs replacing. It weighs next to nothing, just 46 grams, ideal if you get caught short and have to drink from a dubious water source. Best of all, every purchase helps a child have clean water for one year.”

Price £26.95.

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