Teva Arrowood Lux WP trainers review

As a pair of everyday trainers with adventurey looks they're ideal

Teva Arrowood Lux WP trainers review


The word ‘WATERPROOF’ is embossed in the leather

I was very pleased to see the arrival of Teva’s new Arrowood Lux WP trainers; I wanted a comfortable pair of trainers to replace my boots, but they had to have smart looks. The brown ‘Cognac’ colour would suit my usual style down to the ground.

They are also available in mahogany or olive (for men) and for women they come in vintage blue and dusk.


Lovely looking lacing system

The WP in the name stands for Water Proof and they performed wonderfully in the snow on a recent trip to Finland.

The ‘Lux’ versions are all leather while the non-Lux versions are more rugged with some fabric panels.

The Arrowoods felt comfortable right from the off and they are seriously lightweight – partly down to the ‘Float-Lite’ sole which gives plenty of cushioning without plenty of added weight.

I really like the styling of the looped lacing system and there’s a single texture across the whole trainer.


Just enough grip on the sole

As a pair of everyday trainers with adventurey looks, they’re ideal.

There isn’t any deep grip in the sole, so be mindful that you’ll be buying these for light adventuring on trails, not for full on winter walking in the hills.

Teva describes the Arrowood range as: “A line of adventure-seeking sneakers featuring the featherweight comfort of FloatLite™ technology. These ultralight, durable hikers are must-haves for your camping checklist. On the road or on the trail, from hidden coves to magical mountain waterfalls, the Arrowood collection lets you explore in style.”