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Rutundu Log Cabins near Mount Kenya

Where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton

THEY were first photographed as a couple on the ski slopes of Cloisters.

William then proposed to Kate on a beach at sunset and they stayed in the Rutundu Log Cabins near Mount Kenya. The couple love a bit of romance and adventure.

In fact, the importance of adventure to the couple is so great that it features in their Coat Of Arms (pictured below). The white chevrons represent mountain peaks and the three acorns represent the three Middleton children and is also a nod to the Great British Oak tree, depicting strength.

Kate’s love of nature was also demonstrated at the couple’s wedding as the aisle at Westminster Abbey was lined with Maple trees which will then be planted at Highgrove House. Maple trees are said to reflect balance, promise and practicality.


The retreat in Africa where William proposed is called the Rutundu Log Cabins, which is part of the Lewa Downs wildlife resort owned by the family of Jecca Craig. It has no electricity and it 15 km from the nearest road.

“Rutundu log cabins are set off the beaten track on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya in an area of pure wilderness and breathtaking beauty. These cosy cabins are the perfect destination for an adventurous rough-luxe getaway. Enjoy hiking in the incredibly fresh mountain air or try your hand at trout fishing in the well stocked nearby Lake Rutundu, or at Lake Alice an hours hike away. You can bring your catch back to cook and enjoy the tranquility of this exclusive and remote destination. From your balcony you have an incredible view of the open tundra with some unique local flora and fauna. Bigger game like buffalo, leopard and zebra can also be seen.”

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