Zumba On Snow

Zumba On Snow

THOSE familiar with Zumba will also be familiar with the sweaty mess at the end of a session.

But the Zumbarers here are possibly thankful for the lower temperatures in the indoor ski centre, Chill Factore, in Manchester.

The first session took place in September and it’s already been said that the heavier clothes adds to the workout as the body is carrying not just its own weight but that of snow boots. Maybe it won’t stop us sweating then…

Amos De Roover has been leading the classes and says, “Working on snow means it takes longer for the muscles to get warm and once warm we’ll be working extra hard to maintain the optimum temperature for effective exercise. Exercising on snow has an added benefit of reducing the impact on the knee joints, so perfect for a wide range of fitness levels, ages and abilities in our safe, effective and very fun class.”

Due to the cold temperatures, the classes are really high intensity. Ideal to prepare for a ski trip this winter.

Morwenna Angove, chief executive at Chill Factore, said: “It’s a first not just for the city, the region or even the UK – but for the world. A true global first. We know it is going to become hugely popular and we expect it to be copied around the world once it takes off here.”

Classes cost £5 per session or £40 for a course of 10.