Astronaut Photo: Durrat Al Bahrain

Astronaut Photo: Durrat Al Bahrain

AT the southern end of Bahrain Island this shapely complex of 14 artificial islands has risen out of the sea.

They’ve been built for residential living and tourism. Called the Durrat Al Bahrain there are six atolls leading off five fish-shaped petals and the spectacular outline of this development was captured by an astronaut onboard the ISS.

The building of houses on the two southern atolls and petals has yet to begin but beaches have been created on the shorelines of the Crescent, Hotel Island and on the inner ends of the atolls.

There’s even a golf course and what may be a second marina at the south end of the complex (mirroring the one on the north).

Concept sketches for the resort show the vision for what it’s set to become…

Main photo courtesy of NASA